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"The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you found out why." Mark Twain
Each day has a different tempo. We all have experienced slow and fast days. Each day has a potential for positive actions or things to avoid. 




APRIL 6 , 2020   
     We are in a Labor/Enlightenment cycle. Our actions (Work) can inspire more wisdom. Often has a big influence on health, labor and land problems. Religious focus.
    Slow, restless.   Good day to shop.  Focus on family and friends. Be of service to others in a safe way. Busy Tech day, but use caution.  A great day for music and home entertainment.  Volatile Marketplace.  Tip of the day: Take some quiet time and meditate, . In the News:  Labor changes.     Health.   Women in power.   Tech issues.

APRIL 7, 2020   
       Hurry&Wait day.  Highly restless.  Caution shopping. Careful in transportation.  Busy communications and research.  Highly emotional day.  Analyze matters calmly.  Worried Marketplace.  Tip of the day: A good day for spiritual work and research.
  In the News:  Health.  Research.  Transportation.   Sadness in the News. Weather/Water.

APRIL  8, 2020    PASSOVER begins.
    We begin a Liquidity cycle.  Financial matters take on a greater focus. Our values and principles are examined.  We also focus on systems: economic, Tech, health, etc. Often accompanied by Weather/Water problems.  
  Slow. Get advice from financial experts.   Good for health work.  Get your home organized and fix things.  Learn new things.  Good for home entertainment. Adjusting Marketplace.  Tip of the day:  Compromise.
 In the News:     Schools/Education.    Weather/Water.  Announcement.

APRIL 9  2020    
    Hurry&Wait day.  Avoid haste.  Caution in travel.  Highly emotional day.  Avoid signing important documents or taking legal actions.  Good for creative work. Make a list of objectives. Avoid shopping.   Volatile Marketplace. Tip of the day: Be of service.
  In the News:   Tech issues.  Transportation.  Sadness inthe News.   Justice.

APRIL 10 2020   
   Slow. Focus on Family and friends.  Organize finances. Good for creative work.  Good for Tech work and shopping.  Good for home entertainment.  Adjusting Marketplace.  Tip of the day:  Be the adult in the roon.
 In the News:    Labor concerns.  Sadness in the News.  Demonstrations. War/Crime day.

APRIL 11,  2020
     Slow. Get in touch with a business or government agency.  Good to shop. Work on home.   Catch up with your people.  Good for research.   Good for creative work.  Good for home entertainment. Tip of the Day:  Go over details and do research.
 In the News:   Big Business and Government actions.   Justice.

APRIL 12 , 2020    
     Hurry&Wait day.   Take time for quiet inspiration, meditation.  Avoid panic attacks.  Don't shop.  OK to handle legal papers.  Good for spiritual work.  Good for real estate and residence search. Busy Tech work.      Tip of the day:  Calm yourself.
In  the News:     Health.     Weather/Water.  Announcement.

                    We are all fearful...What to do...
  I have lived in a war zone, experienced the New York blackout, the Northridge earthquake, the affects of 9/11,  the financial crisis...but...nothing like this virus, an unseen terrorist.
 ​Fear is built into the animal that we are.  It alerts us to Flee or Fight.  Fear that turns into needless anger or freezes us into inaction is when we need to get calm and focus on what we can or can't do.  In other words using our mind to think calmly about what has to be done and what we should avoid.  Calm yourself.  Breath.  Find time to meditate.  Reach out to others safely.  Be at peace with what you can and can't do.  We are all in this together.
   We fight this terrorist by retreating. We gain a gift of time. Time for our loved ones. Time to do things we've been meaning to do. Time to go into ourselves and observe our thinking and our feelings. We are constantly on our phones. Now can be a time to listen to ourselves and talk to ourselves. And...stay informed, not for more fear, but for information
​After all, knowledge is power. 



    Saw an AD in a Tech Magazine a few years ago, don't remember the product, but it was prophetic...                                   WW I
                   WW II


Whenever I sense toxic energies or psychic attacks around me I have a prayer/chant that clears it up...sometimes I burn sage as well when I say this prayer...let me share it with you:
       In the name of divine Love, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Knowledge, unalterable and eternal.

       In the name of divine Creativity, action, principle and which we move and                have our being; in the name of the power, glory and grace of the living word....

           yod-he-vav-he   (substitute the name of your deity)

        May all evil and every thought inspired by evil be scattered and reduced to nothing...Amen...

Note: yod he vav he are the four letters of the Hebrew name of God.

Samuel Champlain, the French seaman, explorer and founder of Quebec had no formal education, and yet, was a close friend and confidante of the French King...He was extremely smart in governing the part of Canada he ran. He said he used 'prevoyance', in other words, he looked to the needs of the future in dealing with native Canadians and the new settlers...We need politicians like that NOW!!!!!!! What are the needs of the future?

There are two ways to deal with worry, either there is nothing you can do about it or   
If there is something that can be done, that is within your power  to do...why,worry ?
I always say,  "Worry is the absence of choice...worry is the absence of action."
So...if you find yourself in a worry fix, fix it by "doing an accounting"... on paper or PC and look at the asset and debit of each action that can solve the problem. See it in black and white...And take action. Be aware that one choice leads to others...

Rabbi Zusia lay dying and his students surrounded him to give comfort and to hear what last wisdom's may be said...One student asked, " Rabbi, what do you fear most in the world to come, when you pass over?"
Zusia said, " That I may be asked, ' Why weren't you Zusia'."

​​  I do remember a line in the play/movie, "Teahouse of the August moon", the houseboy looks at the audience and says that life can be very painful, "...but pain makes Man think...thought makes Man wise and wisdom makes life endurable."

Rummaging through the alley of my thoughts and research, I found a wonderful affirmation  that can be useful from time to time...

                                    I CHOOSE A NEW LIFE...
I forgive myself for all mistakes and confusions of the past. I wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The Perfect Power within expresses through me right thoughts and attitudes that produce right actions in my life...I choose a new life today... And so it is.                                                            

For affirmations to work there has to be an equal belief of mind and heart to other words, Science of Mind, as well as, Science of Heart. When thought and emotion agree affirmations can manifest...But...
We often think one thing, while feeling another way, while speaking, yet something else. We are often in conflict with ourselves even before we come in contact with others. So, how can there be Peace on Earth?

I have long believed that life is resolving a series of ambivalence...
In the film, "The Colonel and Me," with Danny Kaye and Curt Jurgens, two very different people meet in times of trouble. The Kaye character always solves problems by saying, " Well, there are two possibilities...Either things will improve or they won't...If things improve, why worry...If things don't improve, there are two possibilities...Either we can fix it or we can't...If we fix it, why worry, if we can't fix it, well,  there are two possibilities..."...and so on...

We can't be at Peace until we resolve our ambivalences, accept other points of view, fix our fixations and stop demonizing others' religious or political beliefs...


A saying, poem, lyric or book can sometimes shake your being and consciousness forever...the following one quaked me awake thirty years ago...

" If I am not for myself, who will be for me ?
  If I am for myself alone, what am I ?
  And if not now, when? "

Rabbi Hillel, circa 100 B.C.E.

When Hillel was asked to sum up the Bible's teaching, he responded, " What is distasteful to you, do not do to another."

Several radio interviews ago on "COAST to COAST with George Noory", I wanted to point out something special and mystical about AMERICA that opened up a whole new unexpected topic.    
I mentioned that I pondered one day that if 11 & 22 are Master numbers in numerology, what about 111...222...333 ? I kept going, adding until I reached 1776...Wham! another conscious quake. But that isn't all, all those numbers from 111 to 1776 are divisible by 37...Bam! another Ahaaa...because in the system I  work with, July 4th has a 37 value...From a mystic point of view that's not coincidence, that is a meant to be.

George Noory then opened up a whole new aspect...he mentioned that he often sees the numbers 111 or 1111, I said I often see 444...that started callers mentioning seeing different combos of 3 and 4 like numbers...that started lots of questions on the meaning...An Angel communication? I say, yes. But what is the meaning of 111 as apposed to 1111. Numerology would say that 111 is "express yourself" or " choose your expressions wisely"  and 1111 would suggest " organize and build your expressions"....

2222...Reconcile differences.
333...Unity brings success.  But rummaging through the alley of my old research and study I found the following...

                                              YOUR ANGEL MESSAGE NUMBERS

111...Successful changes and communications
1111...Favorable long distance contacts.
222...Secure yourself.
3333...Progress is successful.
444...Reflect and internalize.
4444...A necessary journey.
555...Be determined.

5555...Regulate and bring order.
666...Sense urges need calming...
6666...Abundances needs care.
777...Overcome your limitations.
7777...Avoid intrigue, fraud & quarrels
888...Public work. Union.
8888...Involve yourself with many.
999...Hope springs Eternal.

No matter what religion or politics or beliefs we have, this lifetime is for personal refinement...