Joseph Jacobs tells you why you're here in  this lifetime.  It's like a psychic DNA reading.
In this school of life:
What are you here to learn?
What are you here to give?
What is your purpose?
What are the changes you can prepare for?

All this and much more: That is why Joseph is called the Dean of American Psychics.
​​ A FIRST READING focuses on lifetime  issues:  the special gifts and abilities you have in career, love, money matters and what blocks you in those areas.  Then he looks at your year ahead, shows you how to maximize your up times and make good use of your down times.  He helps you to empower yourself through self-knowledge.  
You get a roadmap of your life and the year ahead to help you find the road worth taking.
By this time most clients say, "You've answered all my questions."  
But Joseph uses the last third of the reading to open up to questions you may have about yourself and others in your life and do compatibilities to give you a better understanding of the chemistry you have with others or tell you what your spiritual mission is and more -- help you help yourself and others.
SUBSEQUENT READINGS focus on the year ahead in greater detail and give you a week by week prognosis on what to go for and what to avoid.​


* How much are readings?
$90..00 (US) per half hour.  $150..00(U.S.) per hour. That includes an Email of the reading, no postage and handling. All credit cards.

* What if I live outside of the USA and possessions?
I now will take clients from Canada and Mexico.

*  What are your areas of expertise?
Your SOUL-LIFE PATH in Relationships and Career -- Love and Business are my specialities and it is what most people ask about.  I see the lessons you are here to learn; in short, I read the story of your life.

*  What don't you do?
I do not find lost objects, contact those who have passed over (I'm here only for the living), or give you lottery numbers -- but I will give you lucky time frames.

*  Are my readings confidential?
ALL READINGS ARE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.  I have never, nor will I ever, share your mailing address, phone number, vital statistics or any other information about you. NEVER. I have no client info on my PC,  

*  What if I only want to know about a specific relationship?
On a first reading you always get THE WORKS -- LIFETIME PLUS A YEAR AHEAD because who you are and where you are defines your part in the relationship and how you experience relationships.  Then I go into specific relationships and compatibilities.  You may think you are coming in for a Chevy, but you leave with a BMW - all for the same price. 

*  What if I only have one question?
You still get THE WORKS (described in previous answer.)  I have had clients with "only one question" that took a better part of a half hour.  Think of it like going to a new doctor for the first time - you always get a full check-up first.

*  How often should I get a reading?
 Once a year is recommended, but sometimes there are questions about timing for legal, medical, travel or financial actions.  In those situations I look at week by week, day by day potentials.  In those cases it is best to call as far in advance as possible, before you have committed yourself to that action.  

*  I have always wanted a reading, but I'm SCARED!
Anyone who scares you is out to con you.  That includes televangelists, doctors, lawyers and TV commercials.  A good psychic is there to empower you.  Would you be scared to get the weather and traffic report before you leave your house?  Would you take a class without knowing the subject?  We are in this life to learn certain lessons.  A SOUL-LIFE READING clearly defines your curriculum and KNOWLEDGE GIVES YOU POWER OVER THE UNKNOWN.
An Ancient Metaphysical Computer

The hieroglyphs that have come down to us as the 53 playing cards, fortunately preserved by popular, commercial use in games, magic tricks, and gambling, secretly conceal a computer. Each card is a computer chip full of information of the positive and negative potentials in each of us.

The well kept secret is that every day of the year is represented by a card.  These hieroglyphs, properly laid out in relation to astrological symbols, form 90 spreads, ancient read-outs of our own personal life cycles. (See cards spreads to the right)

These formally secret read-outs give us precise and reliable definitions of our seven year cycles and seven 52-day yearly cycles:  astonishingly accurate pictures of our internal (psychological/spiritual) and external (worldly/cosmic) lessons, options and tests.

The cards define our character and personality; they shed light on our relationships and compatibilities, clarify our work and career potentials, point out our obstacles and victories, challenges and successes . . . and more . . . like DNA, it is a Book of Life.

The Mystic Test Book, published in 1893 by Olney H. Richmond opened the deck to reveal its original meanings, uses and formulas.  This system which I call SOUL-LIFE was attributed to the Magi and the Little Book mentioned in Revelations.
SOUL SPREAD                                       LIFE SPREAD
SOUL SPREAD                      LIFE SPREAD​ ​​